nak tapi tak dapat

hey ! yess i know lama sgt2 dh x update blog nie..hehe..
rse nk update , tpi x taw nk cte pasal ape. & mls nk menaip
now,mood tgh rajin nk menaip :D

okay back to our topic ;)
penah tak korg x dpt ape yg korg nak??mesti penah kan?& ap perasaan korg?
sakit kan? kecewa kan??
ok kte sama.. aku dh 3 kali x dpt ape yg aku nak & nie berkaitan masa depan
firstly,time i got a result for continued my degree studied .
i checked by send the sms to 15888 .then,
i feel very shocked & dissapointed because i got the last course that i fill in upu
course applied chemistry . actually i'm not interested with that course because
i really want an health science course but i got the other course.
hmmm secondly about what university i will continued my studied
the place can check one day after knowing the course.
i check it with hoping that i can go to uitm shah alam
suddenly when i saw the letter. place i continued my studied : UITM ARAU,PERLIS
ya ALLAH , i cry because seriously i can't accept that..hanya ALLAH je tahu ape yg aku rase..
rasa mcm tersgt2 down . dh la x dpt course that i want, then x dpt u that i want..
i feel very dissapointed...
thirdly , about my result on sem 1 in uitm .
i can't get the dean list .. nak sgt2 dpt dekan..tpi x jugak kesampaian
i got 3 pointer but not in dean list :'(
maybe first sem , i baru nk mengenal & menerima that course maybe ..
i know everything happen for a reasons.
ALLAH nk uji kita . dia nak kita meminta dgn dia ..
& dia x kan uji kita di luar kemampuan kita .
 i know ALLAH is always beside me on everything i do.. we just have to be patient
& accept that . semua nie ade hikmah di sebaliknya cuma kita x tahu lg..
we just have to be thankful to ALLAH  ..
dialah tempat kita mengadu , dialah tempat kita meminta ..
kene sentiasa berdoa, solat memintalah kepadanya ..
yg menaip : hidayu harudin 

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